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expressing moods and emotion through our ethically made, multi-purpose and outrageously comfortable pieces.

i founded 'dyme' in may of 2020 and was influenced by my big move in 2016. i packed my bags and left my home in southern california to move to the beautiful island of the Philippines. A fast paced, routinely lifestyle consumed most of my time in the U.S., but once i experienced the simplicities of the “island life,” my mental state shifted, passion emerged, thus ‘dyme’ was created.

‘dyme,’ short for 'define your mental energy,' exists because we want to change your mindset when it comes to fashion and clothing. we all know that moods can sometimes be affected depending on our outfit choices and what we wear. we want you to feel good mentally and physically, so that is why we have created simple, but bold closet staples that fit beautifully and comfortably on your body, for everyday dressing.

at dyme, we do not internalize colorism and we do not measure our self-worth based on the intensity of our skin tone or what number pops up when stepping on a scale. we are at peace with our imperfections and encourage the evolution of all aspects of the male and female form. we are here to remind you that no matter what the case may be--you are the perfect 10.

brand values:

1. mental health & wellness
2. sustainability
3. practice gratitude
4. details
5. intention
6. empower others
7. promote diversity
8. radiate confidence
9. detach yourself
10. energy


meditate and practice intentions + cultivating calm:

being grateful allows you to see the bigger picture and induces positive, happy emotions. relax and listen to music—results in a clear mind, sharper focus and work gets done.

replenish yourself:

this means knowing when you need to replenish yourself. there is no right or wrong way to do so; it is entirely up to you and what makes you feel like your truest self.

do things that uplift your spirit and make you feel positive:

if this means wearing a bikini all day around the house—do it. cook in it, clean it, shower in it, etc. there are zero rules when it comes to swimwear. you don’t need the beach or a pool just to throw it on.