Honestly, I don't even know where to begin. I was always so shitty at school. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do in life and that terrified me. The lack of certainty made me feel so insecure that I couldn’t justify my own decisions. I thought about whether I should just listen to my parents and what they wanted for me, but it would be a tug-of-war between playing it safe and not knowing wtf to do.

As I look back through my years of work- the pageants, modeling, corporate life, and entrepreneurship, I realize that it was my lack of experience that had me feeling completely inadequate, which is something school doesn't quite prepare you for. I didn't wake up to these realizations until my mid-20s, but when I finally did, I felt like I had so much catching up to do.

Keeping it real though, there’s so much more to the story. At the root of my stress, my harshest critic was myself. I would compare my journey to others and wasn’t staying true to me- and the second you start to do that, you're fucked. I can laugh about it now, but when I was in the thick of it, i didn't realize I was just making things so much harder for myself.  

I am 32 now. I’m constantly growing and exploring, and I’m loving this part of my journey. I guess you could say I’m in a much clearer headspace.

I currently run my events company, Triple OG Events (iykyk lol) w/ my partner - who is a fellow boss mama. I’m the head of operations for my husband's company, Align. I am a certified life coach, and I will be launching a passion project that i hold very close to my heart this coming May. Starting your own company/business is SO damn hard, but also SO damn rewarding. It’s not for everyone, but it's most def for me. 

Lastly, but most importantly, I am a mother and a wife. This is my why, and what has pushed me beyond my limits. The best part about being my own boss is showing my daughter that she is in full control of her life! Let’s face it, ladies, these men will not make it easy for you.

This has been my biggest lesson throughout all of my experiences- No one is in control of my life but me. Screw playing it safe. I'm a rebel at heart and I’m proud of that. I can create all that I choose to and no one can stop me. To live freely is the ultimate goal and my version of success. Free of self-doubt, fear, financial burden, oh and sucka free! Surround yourself with people who understand you to your core. When you align yourself with the right people in your corner, you elevate yourself to be that much stronger. Once you decide to direct your focus on you, everything changes.

Ladies, always choose YOU!

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