My first time picking up a video camera was 8 years old. I begged my parents that year for a video camera and one of those little TV’s that had the VHS slots in it. I always knew I was fascinated by that type of art, and wanted to document life around me, but I didn’t know it until I got older and started to evaluate what really was important in my life.
Straight out of high school I went to CSULB to pursue a major in communications. At the time I was completely unfocused and wanted to spend time most my time with my friends to party and hangout. I thought I was having the time of my life until my grades started coming in, and my vision full of my goals started to deteriorate and become cloudy. I got dismissed from the University for having a 1.83 GPA, and took a year off to really think about the direction in which my life was going. That was unlike me, especially always having good grades and liking to go to school. I decided to go back to a Community College to get my GPA up and study Broadcast Journalism & Documentary.
I went in with full force and dedication, and walked out of the CC two years later with a 3.5 GPA, a ton of technological knowledge, and a re-found passion for the Fine Arts. I applied for Chapman University for their Broadcast Journalism & Documentary and got accepted for that Spring 2019. I changed the direction of my life that same year and ended a 7 year on and off relationship with someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I set both big and small goals for myself, and I  directed my focus and loving energy unto myself—something I hadn’t done for years and it was the most liberating and most lovingly thing I could have ever done for myself and my life.
These past 3 years have made me realize so much about myself—a self I forgot who had a passion for the fine arts deeply, not to mention a girl laying in flower fields, helping others feel good about themselves, having a wild love for nature,  and making & seeing magic through the eyes of a lens. I’m encountering and working for people I never would of imagined, and continuing to gain knowledge by those around me. [*never say never*] A talent I was always so fond of, unknowIngly had a knack for, and now get to practice every day is truly a dream come true—and I’m just getting started.
I was supposed to walk this May 2020—a whole ass 10 years later from my high school graduation, and if there’s one thing I would remind my teeny, teenager self back then would be to LISTEN TO YO GOSH DARN MAMA!!! ! (lol!), but really, don’t lose yourself trying to gain your soul. Remember perseverance and patience go a long way. Believe in yourself and believe that dreams do come true!! ! Don’t stop at no, or people who tell you no. And lastly, don’t forget to love yourself so deeply first and foremost before anything else in the world.
If I didn’t make that one change, I don’t think...or it would’ve taken me 10x longer to achieve my goals. Stay true ✌️
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