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I've always wanted to make art, any kind of art— And all the women in my life have had a hand in enabling me in my journey. My Grandmother bought me a book on Matisse when I was 9, and I was so hooked. She and my Tita would send me art materials in these elaborate care packages after we moved out to the Philippines.. And my mom— I've watched my mom do it all, through it all.
I would say I’ve taken many, many paths to get where I am now.. all difficult, all necessary. I had my first son when I was pretty young, I turned 21 the week after his birth and from then on I felt such self inflicted pressure to make sure I had everything together. I wanted to be the best mom but also not let any of my dreams fall to the back burner because I was a mom now. Maybe foolishly thinking I could suppress unwarranted judgement from my peers while I was at it. I tried to keep up with art and commissioning projects while juggling full-time mom duties.
I took night classes for fashion design during my sons first couple of years. By the time he was five I had created two fashion brands I still hold close to my heart.. Then by some twist of fate I became a fashion stylist all by the time my son turned 6.. Balancing that on top of being a full time mom was hard, physically and mentally, but I did it- and you can too. Find what makes you you and go for it. Go for all of it. Stay true to yourself because sometimes that’s going to be the only reward. Know the toughest moments make the most invaluable lessons, so just lean into the lessons..

I wish I could tell my past self that, that we are all just trying our best to figure it out [life]. For so long I felt the need to be so much more than a mother. To express my other talents or bring more to the table, but at the root of it- being a mom propelled me. It’s given me the most inspiration.

That’s why I always say “Mom arms are strong arms.” I was strong before I had my kids, but having them just amplified everything already in me and kept me present. That’s why I want to advocate for moms so heavily despite how hard a job motherhood can be, it repays you tenfold in the strength you gain.. With or without kids as a woman, my message would be that: you are not alone. We are all on our own paths, yes, but through my own experience I’ve learned even across oceans we are all connected, cruising pretty parallel with each other in our different walks of life. If more of us could see that, there’s power to be had in that.