Hello! My name is Palmo Farber and I’m a 24 year old Tibetan, Polish, Ukrainian American currently living in Manila Philippines. I grew up in Los Angeles my whole life until I decided to pick up and move last January, 2019. Essentially I moved for my fiancé, who is a pro basketball player for the league here in the Philippines. He had moved out here at the end of 2017, basically right after we were done with college. While doing long distance for over a year, I was figuring out what I wanted to do with my life back home in LA. I had a lot of family pressure to get my life going, figure out a career, and make use of my UCLA degree. Like many people post-college I felt clueless on what to do with my life. I had the urge to travel, I was in search of something “different”, needed to make money, and of course wanted to be with the man I love. 

Over the time period of our long distance relationship, I visited Manila twice with the intention of feeling out the city and seeing what I could build for myself while being here. Saying I’d move out of LA wasn’t easy for me to come to terms with, let alone move to another country. I hardly knew anything about the Philippines - culture, food, geography, religion, etc. you name it - I was clueless. But luckily, because of my Tibetan background and having stayed in India for long periods of time throughout my life, I realized I had a pretty good grip on what living in Asia could possibly be like, which in turn gave me to confidence to give it a try.

Through a mixture of luck, networking, helpful friends and perfect timing, I was offered my first job in Manila through some mutual friends. It wasn’t the dream job, but it certainly helped me assimilate to the city and culture way quicker than I expected. I stuck with the job for a year, learned a ton about business, what its like working in a foreign country, made wonderful friends, taught myself the discipline of having a 9am-6pm office job, went to the gym at 7am everyday, and also how to build a home and life with my partner. Those were all major life changes that I hardly ever experienced before and it amazes me to see how much growth can happen in a year. 

Right before the Manila COVID-19 lockdown began, I was offered a new job with an awesome company to do creative direction. I went to school for Design Media Arts, so I was thrilled to be offered a job that was in line with what I studied and truly enjoy. While being self-quarantined has been great to unwind and self-reflect, I’m eager to start this new journey and continue learning about the wonderful country I now get to call home. 

Taking a leap of faith can be really scary, but it can also be the most transformative, eye-opening experience of your life. I’m so grateful to be able to take myself out of my comfort zone and see the countless directions this life is capable of pointing me in. 

My name is Palmo Farber, and I am extremely proud to be a strong woman filled with compassion, talent, and curiosity for the world.  

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