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Nancy Do


I grew up being extremely overweight.
Bordering on 234lbs, my doctor said I had to change my life or ultimately not have one.
With years of self loathing coupled with the constant bullying of my parents and peers, I grew to believe that I wasn’t good enough—that I was never going to be enough.
My life took a turn when two years ago, I was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar type 2, Binge Eating Disorder and suffered from body dysmorphia. Even 70lbs down, I still feel like the “fat Nancy” people used to call me.
It wasn’t until I found therapy and fitness that my life made a 180. With the right support and love from others, I was able to battle my demons and not only change my body but change my mindset. I’ve come to love myself for exactly who I am and continue loving the journey that I’m on.
I’m fighting my way to the top as an amateur boxer and Influencing other individuals on how to better their lives through being a certified personal trainer and online coach. I truly wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for fitness.
It saved my life in more ways than one.
Here’s my message to all the men and women out there:
It’s NEVER too late. You DO have what it takes and you CAN change the narrative. All it takes is a step forward. Take it from someone who’s actually been there... You have the strength to grow—you just have to believe it first.
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