As I sit here reflecting on my life to answer a short three word question with such endless meaning behind it, I can’t help but think I MADE IT!

Success, school, work, relationships, body image; the list goes on. One thing that all these relate to in my life is SELF-LOVE. For many years I struggled with this, not because I hated myself but because I lived for other people. It’s crazy to think if you were to seek my true thoughts and feelings, you would see how highly (not as in better than anyone else) I think of myself, but yet I always put my needs on the back burner. I wanted to make my parents proud so I followed their path. I wanted to save those that now I know I never could, and with all these mentally draining me I deflected all this on my physical appearance. In my eyes I always felt too fat or too skinny and rarely just right.

It was NYE entering 2017 that I finally had such a strong realization that I needed to LOVE ME. To take care of myself the way I did for others and not feeling selfish about it. I called it #YESTO2017. Yes to everything that made me feel closer to my authentic self. Of course from then and now there were tough times because as beautiful as self-love sounds, its fucking HARD WORK! You gotta come face to face with all your fears, bad habits, and sometimes toxic environments and find the strength to release yourself. 

Fast forward to 2020, I am living my best unapologetic life. When I was able to find the balance of loving myself and those around me, things started to flourish. My relationships feel stronger, I’ve found my true passion for work, and as for my body..I am 5 months pregnant feeling so grateful to see my belly grow and hang over my sweats lol. LOVE YOURSELF, LADIES! And life will love you right back!

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