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Say hello to eeedithlovee, my alter ego; the fearless stage personal who follows her dreams and inspires others to do the same. That’s how I present myself in my career; whether it be in front of the camera lens, in the Yoga studio, or creating a new marketing campaign! But who I am, and how I developed the confidence to be “eeedithlovee” is the real story here. I am Edith Samantha Ramirez, a 27 year old Model, Yoga Teacher, and Entrepreneur.
I didn’t always have the confidence I do today. Growing up, I was the weird shy kid with no friends. Constantly moving didn’t help much. You see, I was raised by a single mother; although she worked hard to provide for my sister and I, we struggled financially and moved, A LOT! This instability caused me to retrieve inwards. Teachers believed I had a learning disability, when in actuality I had an overdeveloped imagination where I would hide. In my bubble I was whoever I wanted to be; a warrior, a star, an empress, you name it. Despite teachers pressing my mother to medicate me, my mother refused! With love, she encouraged this imagination of mine.
It was my mothers love that allowed me to be myself. Soon this love brought wealth into our lives; as it was the fuel behind my mother’s economic success. She returned to school, graduated, and became a powerhouse therapist. Her actions taught me strength, perseverance, and to have passion for life. Qualities that became the difference between death and happiness in my early adulthood.
You see, I married young and naive. Slowly this marriage chipped away at my imagination, until the shine I had as a child vanished. I became depressed, anorexic, and had severe anxiety. My ex had full control over me, what I said, what I did, what I ate, even who I associated myself with; so I stopped doing the things I loved. She began insulting me, referring to me as a “fucking mute,” because I wouldn’t speak. How could I, I was terrified to say the wrong thing. I lived in terror. Everyday’s goal was to please my ex, avoiding all conflict. I was walking on eggshells. Until one day I remembered who I am.
I hit my breaking point. There shattered in pieces, I stubbled upon an audio that reminded me of my mom. After not speaking with my mother for a year, I called her crying. I thanked her and said, “I love you.” That was my breakthrough; I realized I was the only person that could pick myself back up. I already had strength, perseverance, and passion for life encoded into my DNA from the lessons my mother taught me in childhood. It was these qualities that gave me the strength to leave a domestic violence marriage.
It wasn’t easy. The first month, I cried everyday (multiple times a day). My younger sister would lay my head on her lap and play with my hair as I cried. No words needed to be said. I know she loves me! Then I slowly began to reconnect with the outside world. It started with family hikes. Followed by a healthy lifestyle change where I went from 98 lbs to a healthy 120 lbs. This was possible with yoga, weight lifting, and proper nutrition. Soon I started doing the things I loved again: I graduated California State University with a B.A. in Political Science. I started modeling again and then became signed with an agency. Leading to modeling opportunities with Shiekh, Nike, Kappa, Vans, Vanity Planet, Vera Mona, Cottonhood, and many other brands. Yoga became a passion, so much so that I became an instructor and started my own business. I reconnected with my childhood shine, that overly active imagination. But this time, I am no longer naive. 
Life has changed for me, because I became that change. I dove deep into personal development.
I am grateful to have found self-love; to be on this path of becoming the best version of myself.
You think situations like this will never happen to you, but they do. So in the midst of darkness and chaos, remember, you are not your situations. You are greater. These are opportunities to grow and connect with that POWER that is YOU! BE THE CHANGE.
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