I am Dr. Maricelle Licuanan (Doc Mace). I am a veterinarian since 2002. I am a mother of 4 beautiful boys. I founded the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation. We aim to change the animal welfare situation in the Philippines and eradicate Rabies by humanely controlling dog and cat population thru spay/neuter. I have been an advocate of spay and neuter since 2006. We practice flank spay approach to in our ovariohysterectomy procedure, we believe it is the most efficient and safest way. I conduct trainings here and other countries as well.

I have seen so many animals abused and neglected due to overpopulation.

In our country where spay and neuter is very expensive. I decided to offer low cost spay/neuter, free for indigent pet owners, free for outreach missions with City Veterinarians and our Free training for veterinary students/licensed Veterinarians.

200 to 300 Filipinos die of Rabies in the Philippines. Rabies is 100 percent preventable but 100 percent fatal. I see death from Rabies as a senseless death. No Filipino should die of Rabies. And the care that we can give to our dogs and cats is directly proportional to the number of pets we have.

Killing of healthy stray animals is inhumane. We spay/neuter on pet means saving thousand of unwanted pets in the future.

A few years ago, I lost everything due to a bad business decision. Though I am still struggling now, my profession saved me. Our foundation is my way of giving back to dogs and cats what they deserve, a better future.

Do not be afraid to go against the tides. Take the extra mile in everything you do. Share what you learn, you will only live once. Make your existence meaningful.

I always tell my students, do everything for God and our country.

I love my country and I am doing this not just for animals but also for the protection of our community.

I am a Filipino, mom, rabies warrior, veterinarian, diver, and I am a Woman. No man should define who you are. Be a woman of cause.

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