As a teenager in today’s society, I go through major anxiety on a daily basis. I constantly feel pressured to look and act a certain way, based on everyone else’s standards of what a woman should be and look like. Living in LA, I constantly find myself falling into the trap of “You have to wear this, and pose like this so you get this amount of likes and feel better about yourself.” But NO. After finding myself falling into the trap of living in an artificial world, I reassure myself that I am so much more.
As a preteen, I struggled with finding who I was again after being bullied. I tried to hide every flaw I had with a stroke of a makeup brush, and a snap of a posed photo. I started to beat myself up because I felt like I wasn’t enough, especially after people would tell me “You’re just a pretty face.” When someone once told me that, it lit a fire under me to prove otherwise. Not only to prove them wrong, but myself. I am so much more than I give myself credit for.

Growing up, I was always big on soccer, and focused on being the best goalkeeper on the field. But at some point, I just wasn’t happy. After being bullied in school, I felt like I had a dark cloud over me, sprinkling every bit of anxiety and newly found doubt in myself. That’s when I decided to pick up a pair of drum sticks. It was kind of a leap of faith since I hadn’t ever been interested in music before, nor did I think I had any talent in it at all. Banging on a drum kit gave me a new sense of comfort. Something I hadn’t felt in so long at that point.

After a minute of playing drums, I decided to quit soccer and commit to music full time. I started to pick up the ukulele, and eventually the guitar. I spent countless of sleepless nights teaching myself new chords and songs as a sense of therapy to my anxiety that I was going through. After gaining these new skills, I started to show others my new talent. Along with compliments came, “You play so good for a girl!” or “I didn’t think a girl can drum like that.” I started to think, “What IS a girl supposed to play like?” After getting comments like that, I felt motivated to become an advocate of women musicians.

I started to encourage other girls to pick up an instrument. I even try to teach my young nieces the importance of music by constantly playing my ukulele around the house, and encouraging them to sing along to whatever song I’m playing. I am not only a huge advocate of women in music, but I am a strong believer of putting your doubts aside, and trying new things. Putting yourself out there and challenging yourself can lead you to your true calling in life. It can lead you to finding something that not only will be your talent, but your own sense of therapy that will help YOU get through this crazy world that we live in. Remember to always be bold, be persistent, and most importantly, be true to YOU.
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